11 Things I learned in My First Year of College!

Yayyy! It's summer! Thank goodness because I don't think my brain could handle anymore chemistry. Well I decided to write this post for my friends back at home who are going to college next year and for my fellow followers who might be as well (or for those who just can relate with me). I … Continue reading 11 Things I learned in My First Year of College!


Spring into a Better You!

Hey guys! It finally starting to warm up here in Ohio! I hope you are having nice weather and you are using it to your advantage! I am going to share a couple of easy workouts you can do in this nice weather (and if you aren't having nice weather... sorry..). Now I don't do … Continue reading Spring into a Better You!

Franklin Park Conservatory

Hey guys! Three posts in one week is pretty groundbreaking for me 😉 ... Anyways my mom and I decided to go to the Franklin Park Conservatory this morning. I am so happy to be home from school for the weekend and I finally got a camera so I will share some (or a lot) … Continue reading Franklin Park Conservatory

The POREfessional Face Primer Review

Hey guys! I am back with another beauty post this week! So I recently bought the POREfessional Face Primer by Benefit Cosmetics and I am in love with it. I have tried multiple face primers because I have large pores but all the ones I have tried previously leave my face greasy. I have always … Continue reading The POREfessional Face Primer Review

It Will All Be Worth It!

Hey guys! I was going to post this last week but I was busy with track and kind of forgot to post it. Last week was a rough one but there is always a rainbow after the storm. This week has been pretty good and I have had little to no homework, so I have … Continue reading It Will All Be Worth It!

My First College Track Meet (Outdoor)

Hey guys! Sorry I didn't post last week... I was in Georgia for my first track meet! This week I will be uploading 2-3 posts though because I have a lot to share. So in high school I was a sprinter. I ran 100m to 400m and the relays for those. I never ran anything … Continue reading My First College Track Meet (Outdoor)

Current Beauty Favorites

Hey guys! I wanted to write about something besides my life this week, so I decided to write my first beauty post! Just so everyone knows - I don't wear that much makeup. To be honest I'm a very lazy college student. My normal apparel is leggings, a sweatshirt, and my Nike tennis shoes. However … Continue reading Current Beauty Favorites

Life Update

Hello everyone! I recently have moved my blog to this site because it has potential to grow on here unlike blogger. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Classes have been getting harder because it is mid semester now and indoor track also took up a lot of my time. I will be posting more now … Continue reading Life Update