Lake James State Park, North Carolina

Hi guys! It has been awhile since I have posted! Sorry about that! I am currently taking 2 summer courses, working, volunteering, and of course running.

I recently went to Lake James State Park to go camping! It was BEAUTIFUL! The campsite was wonderful and we had a great view of the lake. They have drive up campsite and walk-in campsites, we had a walk-in campsite. Each campsite came with a table and a fire pit and a grill to lay on top of the fire pit. The bathrooms at the campsite were really nice as well. This was my first time camping and I loved it! We went for 4 days (2 of the days were travel days) and it was a perfect amount of time. Our campsite I believe was $15 per a night (we stayed 3 nights) so it was cheap but we had to buy groceries and we also pre-made most of our meals.

On the first day when we got there we set up camp, made dinner, sat around the fire, and then we got our hiking bags packed for the next day. On the second day, we woke up early to run (if you decide to run – good luck because it is very hilly and steep). Then we got ready to go hike up Shortoff Mountain which was about a 25 minute drive from our campsite. The hike is steep and overall it was about a 5.5 mile hike for us. The view is spectacular and I highly recommend going to the trail if you find yourself near by. After we hiked the mountain we decided to go swimming in Lake James. Now, the lake has a sand beach to swim at which is nice. Sometimes you have to pay to get in when the lifeguards are on duty (I believe it was $5 per a person). We had a good time swimming but we were tired from hiking earlier in the day so we mainly just laid out on the beach. We then went back to our campsite and cooked dinner and sat around the fire till bedtime.

The next day, I made breakfast while Jonathan went running (it was my off day – he doesn’t get off days) and then we went kayaking. We went to where the beach was and then rented our kayaks there. I believe it was $5 per an hour per a person – which is pretty good. We kayaked for about 1.5 hours. It was beautiful! The lake was surrounded by a mountain range and it was the one of the best kayaking experiences I have had but it probably was one of the best because I was with my boyfriend 🙂

Later in the day we went to Charlotte, North Carolina to experience the city. I loved the city. It was beautiful and we hope to go back someday because most of the stores and museums we wanted to go to were closed because everything closes early on a Sunday (oops-should’ve planned it out more but oh well haha). I think next time we want to spend half the time at the park and half the time in the city. I’ll admit, all I wanted to see was a subway because the biggest city I have ever been to is Columbus, Ohio… I’m a small town girl that doesn’t travel to cities a lot .. But they don’t have underground subways. I also wanted to go to a Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream shop because I like ice cream but I LOVE Ben and Jerry’s but I normally just buy it from the store so it was cool to buy it from the actual shop. We also went to Brixx Pizza – it was sooo good. Highly recommend going if you have one near you.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures on this trip because I didn’t feel comfortable taking my camera out on the lake while kayaking and I totally forgot to bring it when we went to the city. We also didn’t use our phones that much. We sent a text out every day to our families so they knew we were still alive and not eaten up by a bear or something but that’s really all we used our phones for. I did bring my camera when we went hiking so enjoy the pictures I took!

I had a blast on this trip and there is no one else I would rather go on it with! I’m so lucky to have someone who likes going on adventures with me and I hope everyone can find their adventure buddy.

Enjoy the pictures (:

Maggie (:


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