Trying New Makeup: BB Creams

Hi everyone! I am back this week with another beauty post! I will have another workout post by the end of the week and a life update next week of what I am doing this summer! I hope all the students out there are having a good summer so far!

I recently decided to try different products that I normally use on an everyday basis when it comes to makeup. I will be making a series of posts over the summer of the different brands I try so stay tuned!

This week I tried different BB creams because I love how they are very light weight but still give me a decent amount of coverage. I recently tried two new BB creams: loreal and rimmel. I also included my maybelline BB cream that I mentioned in an earlier post that you can find here. My skin type is also combination to oily in the summer and I have no acne anymore but I have acne scars.

After giving all of the products a week of use here are my conclusions.

Loreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream 

So this BB cream is a bit different from any foundation/BB cream I have ever used. It comes out white and blends into your skin. I liked the formula – it didn’t make my face greasy throughout the day. I found it to be super light coverage and I think this one doesn’t include SPF which is a big disappointment to me because I am constantly outside. However, I did find that it is matte and is a good option if you just want to fill your pores in. I like having a natural glow in the summer so this is probably on the bottom of my list.  I would give it a 1.5/5 stars.

Rimmel London BB Cream Foundation

This BB Cream was decent. It has SPF which is great and it has more perks than the Loreal. It has a pretty decent coverage – maybe more than the Maybelline. This BB cream I feel is a little heavier than the others I have tried. It gives a natural glow. It didn’t last very long. I found it to be heavy and cakey at times. It also left my face a little greasy at the end of the day. I would recommend this to someone who has dry to combination skin and someone who would want a medium weight foundation with decent coverage. I would give it a 3/5 stars.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

As some of you may know from a previous article, this is my go-to everyday face product. I love this and the other two that I tested don’t compare to it and I will probably keep using this one. It stays on my skin all day, gives me a medium coverage (between Rimmel and Loreal), and it gives me a healthy glow without making my skin oily.  It also includes SPF! I would also recommend the matte version of this BB Cream if you have oily skin or acne.

I compared the Loreal and Rimmel products to my favorite one (Maybelline). All thoughts are my own and this post is not sponsored.

Thanks for reading,

Maggie (:



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