A Week in My Academic Life (Easy Week)

Hey guys! I have been receiving requests to write about what my weekly schedule looks like with classes. I will tell you about my current week and then I will give an example of what my week looks like when I have a heavy work load. Just a reminder that I am a health science major with a minor in psychology (I am no longer a double major because of some exciting news that I am not ready to share yet). My school requires a minor or double major to get into graduate school for physical therapy. Anyways, lets get to the fun part!

This week is my first week back from spring break so I have a pretty easy week but I will share with you what the week before looked like as well on another post.

Monday: I have classes at 10, 11, and 12 – so I get to sleep in till 9 (: My classes are general chemistry lecture, English, and statistics. Not bad, although I sometimes want to fall asleep during my statistics class (the struggle is real). I then go to lunch after my last class and have a light lunch because I have track practice 2 hours later. I then went to track practice and ate dinner with my team. After dinner I went back to my room and showered and after that I worked on my chemistry lab report. And after I watched the season finale of the bachelor with my roommate and her boyfriend and my boyfriend watched it with us too (he’s a trooper for watching it;) ). I went to bed around 11, which is the earliest I normally go to bed all week because I have an 8 a.m the next morning.

Tuesday: I had an 8 a.m class 😦 it is my chemistry lab. This week it took forever, I didn’t get out till 10:15. After that I went back to my room and watched Netflix for about an hour and a half and then I went to lunch and then at 12:30 I had my public speaking class. Public speaking isn’t a bad class if you have a fun teacher. This class is suppose to last and hour and 45min but it normally only lasts about an hour. After that class I went back to my dorm and filled out paperwork for the school and my job. Then I had practice, dinner, and I showered. After that I went to my student union to get a hot chocolate and worked on my essay that is due on Friday (12 pages of misery). Then I hung out with my boyfriend and went to bed around 12:30.

Wednesday: This day is the same as Monday except I have strength and conditioning at 9 in the morning. I took a nap after lunch and then you know my evening routine by now. I worked on my essay again and started this blog post πŸ™‚ I watch magicians every Wednesday on Syfy at 9 (highly recommend this show – watch the first season on Netflix). And I went to bed around 1 a.m because I went to my boyfriends house to play cards with his housemates and him.

Thursday: My favorite day of the week because I only have public speaking at 12:30 πŸ™‚ So I slept in till 9:30 a.m and then went to my student union before lunch to work on my essay again. Then after my class I took a nap and then my usual evening routine. After practice I edited my essay and finished it and then watched Netflix and Youtube till midnight.

Friday: I have a repeat of Monday on this day and my essay is due today. I then go to lunch after my classes and then I just watched tv in my dorm till practice (HGTV and the Food Network have been a favorite of my roommate and I lately).Β Then I had my usual evening routine. I had a fun evening because it was a date night! My boyfriend and I went to see Beauty and the Beast (my favorite movie of all time). I was sooooo excited to see this movie and to be honest I will probably go see it 2 more times in theater.

Saturday: Today has been a lazy day. I woke up around 10 a.m today and went to lunch around 12. I also did laundry today and watched HGTV and the Food Network all day. Later I will be going to dinner at my dining hall and then I will go to my boyfriends to bake some muffins and watch a scary movie with his housemates and him.

Sunday: I will go to church in the morning with some friends and then have brunch with them at our dining hall (sausage, biscuits, and gravy – yummm). After, I will work on some homework that I have and then run my long run of the week (9 miles) with one of my teammates. Then I will go to dinner and shower after. On Sunday night I normally work on my procedure for my next chemistry lab.

So this is/was my week. I know I am posting this on Saturday but I pretty much have the rest of the weekend planned. I will be posting what a busy week will look like soon! Next weekend I will be in Georgia for a track meet and I will post about that the week after it happens.

Thanks for reading,

Maggie πŸ™‚



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