Running In College

Hey guys! I’m back with another life update. The next few weeks will probably be life updates and then I will continue to upload posts about workouts and other lifestyle topics. I will try to post once every week but it can be very challenging with school in session. I will try my best to post on the same day every week but there are no guarantees.

Well I finished my first cross country collegiate season and boy was it interesting. I’ll admit – I was very nervous about running in college because of my times and my experience of cross country consisted of one season. I was nervous about having a new team and a new coach because my old team and coach are the ones that made my senior year of cross country enjoyable. I was excited though for the challenge ahead of me and the fact that I got to move in a week before all of the other students moved in. I met my roomie over the summer so I felt less nervous once I moved in because she was also there for cross country camp.

The first 2 weeks of practice were rough. I went from running 20-25 miles a week to 40-45 miles a week. I ran over the summer to work my way up to this mileage but I didn’t know what pace to run the miles each day on my own. I ran slower over the summer, so when I got to school and started running with team it was a big difference. On the bright side, I had my roommate and a few other girls on the team to run with. As the season progressed I continued to work hard but the transition was still rough. I was use to running 5K races so when it came to the 6K races I had no idea how to pace my runs. But by the end of the season I did reach a new personal record.

My plan originally was to just run cross country but now I am also running track. I am currently in my first collegiate season of indoor track. This was a big transition for me because in high school I ran sprints (100m, 200m, and 400m), my first race for indoor race was 3000m… I know it sounds rough and that’s because it was. At the end of my race I was joking around with my teammates wondering if I could take a 0 off that race next time (making it a 300m race)… or we could just take the 3 off and not race at all (000m) 😉 . My first indoor race was not what I was expecting. I did not hit the time I wanted and I just wasn’t mentally prepared to run 15 laps around the track (we have a 200m indoor track). But I learned from my mistakes and I am ready to push forward and run my next race.

So basically I am still adjusting to the college running lifestyle but I am getting use to it and pushing myself to limits I thought were impossible. I surprise myself everyday, whether it was a good run or a bad run I always try harder the next run. I knew that running was a mental and physical sport but this year has taught me that you can be the fittest person but if you aren’t mentally prepared you won’t perform well. I am currently working on the mental part but for the most part my nerves had settled and I am excited to see how I will do in the upcoming races. My new and old teammates and coaches are supportive which helps me get through the days where I have a bad run/race.

My advice to those who want to run in college or play any sport is to try it because you might surprise yourself. Don’t let your fears of not being good enough keep you from doing the thing you love the most. It’s better to try than to wonder “what if”. If it doesn’t work out the way you wanted you can always quit, transfer, or you can try again (which I recommend to try again – you might surprise yourself). Surround yourself with people who support you and let the haters motivate you. Give yourself time to adjust to the new training conditions. Think positive about yourself and if you have a bad race/game let the anger fuel your next race/game.

Know that God is on your side and all glory goes to Him. Do it for Him and do it for you. God gave you a gift and now you have to decide what to do with it. Let your faith be bigger than your fear.

Feel free to post comments/questions and share with your friends.

Have a great weekend,

Maggie (:


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