Life Update: First Semester of College

Hey guys! It has almost been a year since I have posted… sorry about that. A lot has happened in the past year. I graduated from high school, picked a college, started college, met new people and friends, in the process of working on my relationship with God and I met a new guy and ran my first collegiate cross country season. It is now 2017 which means new year new me… right? I’m just kidding, I’m still the same Maggie with just another year of experience and stories to share

I finally picked my college which was a very tough choice for me. I knew in the back of my mind what school I wanted to attend but I kept applying to other schools and waited till last minute to pick my college. I am so happy with the university I picked (which I would rather not share due to privacy reasons) but the people I have met here are awesome. In this post I’ll being updating you guys on my college life and some tips and tricks that I have learned within my first semester.

When you pick a school it is important to look at the price but I think it is even more important to pick a school that you know you will be able to perform well at. Make sure the class sizes are the size you will be able to learn well in. I prefer smaller class sizes so a small college was a perfect choice for me. The professors help you directly instead of having a teachers assistant to do so which is nice. Make sure the student life fits your personality as well. My campus is a little bit of a “suit case college” a lot of people commute or go home on the weekends. I don’t mind this at all because I have practice and meets. I am also not a party person so I’m fine with spending nights watching netflix with my roommate or boyfriend when I have nothing else to do.

Speaking of roommates, mine is pretty cool (shout out to my roomie if you are reading this)! We have a lot in common and both run for the university. We found each other on Facebook and decided to room together. We are both quiet until you get to know us. We love to have dance parties, sing songs at the top of our lungs and watch netflix/movies till 2 in the morning. We are probably the loudest people on our floor so I apologize to the people around us. When looking for a roommate I recommended figuring out what your lifestyle is like and look for someone that has a similar one. You don’t want to room with someone who wakes up at 8am on the weekend if you like to sleep in till noon. It also helps if you guys have similar majors. My roommate and I are both healthcare majors so we are able to help each other in some of our classes.

I don’t think I told you guys what my major is yet. My undergraduate major is health sciences with a double major of strength and conditioning on a pre-physical therapy track. Yeah I know it’s a lot to say so I normally just tell people physical therapy. I decided to do a double major because I came in with 31 credits so I had plenty of room in my schedule for another major. Plus I was really interested in strength and conditioning and I knew that it could possibly help me as an athlete and maybe as a coach someday.

My social life I think is awesome here at school. A lot of people think they will be studying 24/7 and won’t have time to socialize… atleast that is what I thought. My typical day is anywhere from 1 to 4 classes in the mornings starting around 9 and ending at 1:45 on some days. I eat lunch either before or after my classes. I then head back to my room to do homework, study or take a nap. Then I head off to practice which is where I mostly socialize. Most of my friends are on the team. I eat dinner with them and sometimes lunch. I like having my teammates as my friends. I have never been one to have a ton of friends because I prefer having a few close friends. I have also gone to football, volleyball, and basketball games which are like my high school games because I go to a small college but I attended a large high school.

Academics has been a huge change for me. I’m a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my grades and can be really hard on myself at times. I have learned that in college it is okay to not do well on a test. You just got to ask your teacher for extra help (which I’m not use to because I’m one of the quiet kids who sit in the front row normally). Sometimes you are gonna get knocked to the ground, have a few mental break downs, want to change your major or want to drop out (every college student has joked about doing this atleast once). You just have to get back up off the ground, wipe your tears and tell yourself you can do this. I think it helps if you have a good support system to get you through the rough days. My roomie and I tease each other saying we get one tear a day. My mom tells me that I have worked too hard to get where I am just to quit and give into my stress. My sister who is a 3rd year mechanical engineering student told me to “fake it till you make it”. And last but not least, my boyfriend reassures me “everything is going to be okay” on a daily basis because I’m stressed out on a daily basis. College doesn’t get easier, you just get into a routine of doing things.

Well sorry this was a long one guys. I will be posting more “Life Updates” because I have more things to share about the past year but I decided to start with college because most of my friends back at home are starting their college experience soon and my family is probably curious about my college life (hi mom).

If you have any questions or comments leave them in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading,

Maggie 🙂


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